F-OWL: An OWL Inference Engine in Flora-2

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A Brief Overview of F-OWL (v0.3)

F-OWL is a rule based inference engine implemented using the Flora-2 language in XSB. In this tutorial, we introduce the language constructs of F-OWL and demonstrate some of its inference capabilities implemented in v0.3.

In v0.3, F-OWL mainly supports ontology inferences that are allowed by the OWL-Lite language. However, a few number of inference rules have been prototyped for experimenting OWL DL and OWL FULL ontology inferences.

Examples described in the following test cases use animals.owl, an example ontology that is adopted from http://www.daml.org/2002/06/webont/owl-ex. Instructions for running F-OWL examples using Flora-2 and XSB are explained in README file.

  • F-OWL language constructs
  • Test Cases
    • Case 1: Individuals of owl:Class and rdfs:Class
    • Case 2: Subclasses, domains and ranges
    • Case 3: Individuals of some unnamed owl:Class
    • Case 4: rdfs:SubPropertyOf and owl:inverseOf **
    • Case 5: From owl:FunctionalProperty to owl:SameAs
    • Case 6: From owl:InverseFunctionalProperty to owl:SameAs
    • Case 7: Individuals of a complex class (defined by owl:intersectionOf) **
    • Case 8: Individuals that are owl:AllDifferentFrom each other
  • A terminal session output of the above test cases.

** Due to a system bug in the underlying Flora-2/XSB system, examples described in these cases cannot be demonstrated in F-OWL v0.3.

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