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Case 2: Subclasses, domains and ranges

In F-OWL, the OWL's subclass, domain and range properties are directly mapped into Flora-2 language constructs. The subclass relationship is mapped into

C1 :: C2.

which indicates C1 is a subclass of C2. For a property P, its domain and range are mapped into

D [P =>> R].

which indicates property P has rdfs:domain D and rdfs:range R.

In our example ontology, to find all subclass of the Person class, we can use the following query:

X :: animals_Person.

To find the domain and the range of an object property animals_hasFather, the following query can be used:

D [animals_hasFather=>>R].

It's also possible to form more complex query by mixing subclass query with the domain and range queries. For example, if we wish to find all properties that have rdfs:range animals_Male and their associated rdfs:domain, we can specify the following query:

X::animals_Person [P =>> animals_Male].

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