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Case 8: Individuals that are owl:AllDifferentFrom each other

In OWL, while the language construct owl:sameAs is used to define distinctive individuals are the same individual, the language construct owl:AllDifferentFrom is used to define distinctive individuals are certainly different from each other.

In v0.3, based on the owl:AllDifferentFrom language construct, F-OWL can infer a collection of individuals are all different from each other.

In our example ontology (animals.owl), the following ontology statements are defined:

<owl:distinctMembers rdf:parseType="Collection">
<Person rdf:about="#David"/>
<Person rdf:about="#Alice"/>
<Person rdf:about="#Jack"/>
<Person rdf:about="#John"/>

The above statements define a collection of indivdiuals (e.g., David, Alice, Jack and John) who are type of the Person class are all different from each other.

To verify the F-OWL can draw correct inferences, for example, verifying David is a different individual from Alice and Jack, the following query can used:

animals_David[owl_differentFrom->animals_Alice, owl_differentFrom->animals_Jack].

In addition, a more general query can be used to find all individuals who are different from the individual David.

X : animals_Person [owl_differentFrom -> animals_David].

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