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Case 7: Individuals of a complex class (defined by owl:intersectionOf)

In OWL, complex classes can be defined using Description Logic operators, such as owl:unionOf, owl:disjointWith, owl:intersectionOf etc. In v0.3, F-OWL has limited support for reasoning over these Description Logic operators.

In this section, we demonstrate the support for determining individuals of a complex class which is defined by using the owl:intersectionOf construct (intersections of named classes only).

In our example ontology (animals.owl), the following ontology is defined.

<owl:Class rdf:ID="TwoLeggedThing"/>
<owl:Class rdf:ID="TwoLeggedPerson">
<owl:intersectionOf rdf:parseType="Collection">
<owl:Class rdf:about="#Person"/>
<owl:Class rdf:about="#TwoLeggedThing"/>
</owl> <TwoLeggedPerson rdf:ID="Harry"/>

This ontology defines a complex class called animals:TwoLeggedPerson as the intersection of two classes -- animals:TwoLeggedThing and animals:Person. An individual animals:Harry is a type of animals:TwoLeggedPerson.

From this ontology, the following query in F-OWL will return animals:Harry is of both type animals:TwoLeggedThing and animals:Person:

animals_Harry : animals_TwoLeggedThing.

animals_Harry : animals_Person.

NOTE: the above example cannot be demonstrated in v0.3 due to a system bug in the underlying Flora-2/XSB implementation (05.11.2003).

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